March Reads in Review

IMG_5286In March, the first book I finished was Lost Girls by Alan Moore, illustrated by Melinda Gebbie. THIS BOOK IS XXX-RATED SUPER TABOO SMUT EROTICA PORNOGRAPHY full of GAY SEX, GROUP SEX, and INCEST! So definitely don’t look into this title if that is not what you want to read. That said, this is a delightful book that weaves sex, coming of age stories and empowerment themes, and the fairy tale roots of Alice (Wonderland), Dorothy (Oz), and Wendy (Neverland). As well as being chock-a-block full of sex, coincidentally, this book might also be art. The volume probably falls into the graphic novel category (get it? graphic?) but the artwork here is nothing like a traditional comic book (in fact it looks painted rather than drawn). The women are not relegated to gigantic breasts and figures that painfully defy physics. They’re also not forced into the cookie-cutter age of “twenty something.” Alice is an old woman when we meet her (blonde hair gone white ), and Wendy is decidedly middle-aged. Instead the book comes across (oh ho ho) as rather feminist. Through titillating build-ups and exquisite climaxes (yep) this book  pushes the boundaries in devotion to a singular purpose, and that purpose is pleasure. Along the way our three heroines share their tales, learn more about themselves, and become empowered. Five out of five for the discerning wanker.


Reading Challenges
And now, the reading challenges. For the PopSugar 2017 reading challenge I marked this book as No. 35, set in a hotel. Most of the book takes places there, with little day trips breaking up the time. For the Book Dragon’s Lair Audiobook challenge this one was not an audiobook, so I remain at 2 of 10. For the Book Dragon’s Lair Pages Read challenge, this 320 pgs puts me at 2,867 pgs of 12k pgs. For My Reader’s Block Color Coded challenge this cover is red but I’ve already got that color covered so I’m still at 4 of 9 completed. This is a re-read, so for Read It Again, Sam I’m bumped to 2 of 4 at the Déjà vu level. For My Reader’s Block Mount To Be Read (TBR) this wasn’t really in my mind as something I needed to read so I guess it doesn’t count, same as Rock My TBR challenge. For the Diverse Reads challenge (here and here) I didn’t really think of this book as diverse; all the main characters I can call to mind are white. It is, however, very feminist, so that’s nice. Definitely did not fit the category of “main character with a disability” but I’m working on that one with a different book pick. For The Book Date Full House challenge this fits the requirement of two word title. UPDATE: THIS BOOK MOVED TO “DIVERSITY” CATEGORY. For The Book Date Read the Books You Buy challenge it doesn’t count because Doug bought it for me. For the Whatever I Think Of Memoir Bingo challenge it is not a memoir, and for The Worm Hole’s What’s In A Name challenge, it doesn’t fit any of the categories. Below are the hashtags of the challenges that had them.


Keep trucking along with your March reads, can’t wait to check back in soon!


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