March Reads in Review

IMG_5291The next book I finished was my audiobook of Dead Beat by Jim Butcher, book 7 in the Dresden Files series. These books may be structured in a formulaic way, but there are definitely plotlines getting more intense as the story arch progress, and the writing is HILARIOUS! I laugh out loud (yes I actually mean it) in my car all the time at these books because they’re so clever. I feel the same about Simon R. Green’s books but those I could predict and these I can’t, so that’s an added bonus. I’m not sure how to give a concise summary that doesn’t require lots of extra explanation, so here’s my super-condensed version about each of the books:

1 – You meet your main character, Harry Dresden, who is a wizard.
There’s a magic-using bad guy. There are also mobsters!
2 – Now that we know about wizards, we get to fight werewolves.
3 – This one has vampires! And ghosts. Bad ones.
4 – I know you were waiting for it, right? This book has fairies.
(Aw, yeah! My fave so far!)
5 – This one has paladins and demons.
6 – More bad magic, but this time, on the set of a porno!
7 – Necromancers! Bad ones! (Are there good ones?)

So now you’re all caught up on the series, and I didn’t give you any spoilers. Phew!!!

Reading Challenges

And now, the reading challenges. For the PopSugar 2017 reading challenge I marked this book as No. 29, unreliable narrator. I side with Harry most of the time but you’ll see why it applies once you read it yourself. For the Book Dragon’s Lair Audiobook challenge this one was an audiobook and I’m up to 3 of 10. For the Book Dragon’s Lair Pages Read challenge, this 396 pgs puts me at 3,263 pgs. For My Reader’s Block Color Coded challenge this cover is black but I’ve already got that color covered so I’m still at 4 of 9 completed. This is not a re-read, so for Read It Again, Sam I’m still at 2 of 4 at the Déjà vu level. For My Reader’s Block Mount To Be Read (TBR) and Rock My TBR challenge I’d say that all the Dresden books are on my TBR since I started the series, so this brings me to 7. For the Diverse Reads challenge (here and here) I don’t really think of these books as diverse, and Harry is not disabled, but he has lost the use of one of his hands which is interesting. For The Book Date Full House challenge this down as my “cozy mystery.” For The Book Date Read the Books You Buy challenge it doesn’t count because it’s a library book. For the Whatever I Think Of Memoir Bingo challenge it is not a memoir, and for The Worm Hole’s What’s In A Name challenge, it doesn’t fit any of the categories. Below are the hashtags of the challenges that had them.


Boom! Chugga chugga chuggin’ along.


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