March Reads in Review

IMG_5306Insurgent by Veronica Roth is the second book of the trilogy which started with Divergent. This story continues to be gripping, fast-paced, unpredictable, and fresh. I hit a little bit of a lull at one point and I had to look at why: I don’t like it when main character/love interests aren’t getting along. So, that’s a personal issue on me but the writing is really good all the way through. Could not put this book down, can’t wait for the THRILLING CONCLUSION in the next book!

Reading Challenges
And now, the reading challenges. For the PopSugar 2017 reading challenge I marked this book as No. 28, a novel set during war time. It isn’t any non-fiction war we’re familiar with, but there is a lot fighting, so I think it counts. For the Book Dragon’s Lair Audiobook challenge this one was not an audiobook, so I remain at 3 of 10. For the Book Dragon’s Lair Pages Read challenge, this 525 pgs puts me at 3,788 pgs. For My Reader’s Block Color Coded challenge this cover is green but I’ve already got that color covered. This was not a re-read, so it didn’t count for Read It Again, Sam. For My Reader’s Block Mount To Be Read (TBR) and Rock My TBR challenge it doesn’t count since I bought it very recently. For the Diverse Reads challenge (here and here) I didn’t really think of this book as diverse; the characters are briefly described as having different skin colors but nothing about their experiences are informed by any disparate treatment or history based on race. Our main character Tris has an injury but she just ignores it with her super willpower, so that’s a no for the mini month theme (Disability) too. For The Book Date Full House challenge I’m not sure!! I need to look over all my choices so far and see if I can juggle some. For The Book Date Read the Books You Buy challenge: Yes! I just bought this book! For the Whatever I Think Of Memoir Bingo challenge it is not a memoir, and for The Worm Hole’s What’s In A Name challenge, it doesn’t fit any of the categories. Below are the hashtags of the challenges that had them.



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