CALS Con 2017: Propaganda in Comics

Over the weekend we celebrated our annual library-sponsored Little Rock comic book convention, CALS Con. As always, cosplayers and enthusiasts turned out to represent various fandoms, from Guardians of the Galaxy to Batman, Star Wars to Doctor Who. I’m no stranger to conventions. I’ve attended ComicCon in San Diego, Gen Con in Indianapolis, ICC (International Camarilla Convention) in New Orleans. Last year at CALS Con I moderated a panel discussing Studio Ghibli and the world of Miyazaki Hayao. This year I was honored to participate in the panel on Propaganda in Comics, and I thought my readers here might be interested in the highlights.

P.S. None of the images belong to me and I tried to provide all the sources I could.

World War II

Hitler / HansiJapanPopeye

Some dehumanizing, racist bullshit

Racism via Duck Cartoon / Racism via Superman / Racism via Captain America


Obama with SpidermanObamaObama-style Iron ManObama Rorschach

Political candidates

Hillary / Bernie / Trump

Political issues


Conservative ideas

anti evolution Batman meme / anti bathrooms

Religious ideas

Skateboarding JesusReligiousTracts
Skateboard JesusReligious Tract

Progressive ideas

Gay Kiss 2Gay KissMuslim Ms MarvelKamala KhanFemale ThorSJWBlack MJZendaya MJ
interracial gay kisslesbian kiss / Muslim Ms Marvel / female Thor / interracial kiss with female ThorBlack Mary Jane

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