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White Night by Jim Butcher

My main read for May was the next in the Harry Dresden series, White Night (by Jim Butcher, if you’re just joining us). This book 📚 is action-packed. There are ghouls left, right, and center; a group of Wiccan practitioners who are being hunted; an appearance of one of Dresden’s exes; Dresden and Tomas continuing the charade of their spicy 🌶 love affair; fighting ON A BOAT!; exploration of the inner workings of the different Houses of the White Court Vampires; a giant fight with unlikely allies; and possibly my favorite part, foreshadowing that Ramirez, Harry’s young and dashing friend, may just end up with Molly, Harry’s apprentice, which is so freakin’ adorable I literally cannot even. But seriously I can’t say enough how awesome this series is and how sad I will be when it’s over, or I should say, when I catch up to the point that the next book isn’t out yet, eeek!

Side note 📝: I’ve been in the habit of making pix for Instagram of book quotes I liked and I was crushed to discover my notes app on my phone ate my pg where I was writing them down 😫 So I might skip it this time, or I might paraphrase. We’ll see. ♥️

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