Changes by Jim Butcher



Wow. Just. FREAKING WOW! This book completely blew my mind. Changes is book 12 in the Dresden Files series and Jim Butcher is not messing around. This is absolutely my new favorite so far, and I’m likely to agree with Lesa by the end, a blogger who states it is the best in the series. I definitely won’t argue with LoveVampires who said this is a “defining” book in the series containing some of Butcher’s best writing.

Without giving away any of the incredible twists and turns of this book, here are some things in Harry’s life that encounter “changes”: home; office; car; family; status; position; staff; coat; knowledge; the world. Plus, who lives and who dies!!! Did I mention Butcher isn’t pussy-footing? Yeah. This installment of the Dresden Files will have you rolling in the aisles, dropping your jaw, biting off your nails, and scooping up the bits of your broken heart.

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