Jobe’s September in Pictures

3C836D36-50DD-4104-B670-1163727D6CD4Proof of my living the writerly life (celebrate rejections!) and my writing group’s schedule through the end of the year. I haven’t talked much on the blog about Second Set, the writing group I organized to read and critique each other’s work, but they’re completely and utterly stellar, and I’m so glad to have a writing family.

Found: one tiny kitten baby boy too small to survive on his own. Insta-adopt. He is only the size of my hand. We name him Reggie and immediately dub him Scooty Puff Jr.



Two years ago I bought a shit-ton of stickers. This year I bought EVEN MORE.


Sir Francis Reginald is continuing to grow with no signs of stopping in sight. He is now the size of my foot. And he has learned “meatloaf position.” I daresay he is becoming a cat.




I was in a fender-bender. Everyone is okay, but my car was not pleased.


Rainbows? In my room? How completely unexpected! I thought I’d better give that color-order-book-org thing a try. Love it, of course. I also made a new vision / encouragement / motivational board for writing, and hung it right by my bed. I thought it would be funny to make you guess how many rainbows are in my life, but completely unfair since the number is essentially always increasing. So just rest in the knowledge, instead, that I continue to go on about my daily business, and am and will ever be, all about That Rainbow Life.


Rare footage of all three cats at once! Ripley and Kevin, my boyfriend Christopher’s original babies, plus new addition Reggie. This darling continues to sprout. This is a measurement to show you he is now the length of my lap! 1521DF9C-45FA-4B76-A371-442C3AF08F6A



Random internet collection.




Giant cleaning project including sweeping, mopping, and total dining room rearrangement, to make the area more DnD and board game friendly.

5D6B7C72-BD3C-4874-B206-85B4C93D715CMuh face on a make up day: hair and lipstick color match! Calypso by Kessie Cosmetics.


Subscribe to the excellence that is Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits.


You should also subscribe to the excellence that is Brainpickings.

F389490D-70E1-407B-83BE-F1B9311584FEFE363885-2C2A-48DC-904E-BC4A3603906880ECA6CB-4A48-449B-AE37-6ED8601D829DAnd we have now entered October, and I’ve won first place for Craziest Socks Day at work, and am greatly pleased by this.


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