Nanowrimo 2017 in Review

So. How did your Nanowrimo turn out this year? Did it feel easier or harder than previous years? Did you develop any new habits that helped or hindered? Did you meet, fall short of, or exceed your expectations? My worst habit this year was waiting until the last minute to do a daily entry, making it hard to stay awake long enough to write even 100 words (which I’d set as a personal goal based on previous years’ experience). Hence my advice for my future self is: write your 100 words in the morning!

more mem
I won! I did “memoir” this year, so daily entries were sometimes deep reflections, sometimes vomit journaling.
words and such
Here’s what my chart looked like. I averaged slightly above the daily req. I started ahead for the first three days but lost my lead until the All Day Write-a-Thon on Sat 11/18. Then I stayed ahead ’til the end.
Here are all the badges. I couldn’t bear to not get the “wrote everyday” so I fudged a little. One day I counted a wordy Instagram post, and two days I counted Google searches. Desperation ftw! Below are some lifetime stats (left) and fun detalia (right).
I made this in Microsoft Excel. Isn’t it beautiful?

streaksIf you love tracking devices (I’m also addicted to the Wii Fit, yes, after all these years) you will absolute adore the way that Nano keeps all the information you give it and turns it into something truly magical.

So, now that Nano is over, we return to being lost in a sea of—no, wait! Did you know that Nanowrimo now offers GOAL TRACKERS and they’re available YEAR ROUND!?!?!?! That’s right. So get started on your next project, whatever it is, and keep using these great tracking tools for all your dreams come true (and for great justice). I’m going into editing mode for December so I set up a goal tracker based on hours instead of word count. I gave myself a goal of 0.5 hours/day. Wish me luck! Let’s do great things together, Writers!goaltrackersgoalzzz


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