Follow Your Arrow

It’s no secret that a good imagination can go a long way, but it’s always good to have a little travel experience to help flesh out your ideas.

If I’m working on my fantasy novel, I can create anything I want. However, if my story takes place in our world, I’ll need to accurately describe the environments the characters are in. Sure, you can kind of guess, but experiencing these environments first hand will give you much more material to work with.

I’m currently on a road trip to the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles. I purposefully took Route 66 to have more experiences. (This post will be short and sweet since I’m writing it on my phone.) Pulling to the side of the road to touch the black rocks and prickly plant life, feel the oven-like heat, and listen to the sound of desert nothingness is something only a real experience can adequately explain.

More on my trip and how to use vacations to your writing advantage later. For now, I’m off to enjoy America! See y’all in two weeks.


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