February Reads in Review

And as we say goodbye to February, we say hello to March, which is my birthday month! For whatever reason my birthday has always been my absolute favorite holiday, even though I don’t want anyone to know about it on Facebook! Isn’t that ridiculous? I don’t even know.

Book No. 5
The fifth book I read this year was an absolute find. I went into the Bookworm for an Anne Rice trilogy I’d been needing to fill out my “complete works” shelves for favorite authors, and on my way out the door the owner asked if I wanted to also pick up his copy of Tithe by Holly Black, because of my interest in YA. Oh my gosh y’all, it is so good!! This is the kind of book you can read in one sitting or one day, it is that fast-paced and gripping. The story mixes dark imagery, modern day language, and mythic Irish faeries to spectacular effect. The language is beautiful and the characters are flawed yet lovable. Best of all, after I’d finished this book thinking it was a stand-alone, frosting on the cake: I discovered that it is the first in the trilogy! I immediately ordered books 2 and 3, of course. And here’s the sprinkles on the frosting: an absolutely unofficial fan made book trailer. YAY!!

Reading Challenges
And now for everyone’s favorite game, categorizing the book into my reading challenges. For the PopSugar 2017 reading challenge I marked this off as No. 17 a book involving a mythical creature (faeries). For the Book Dragon’s Lair Audiobook challenge this one was not, so I’m still at 2 of 10 for the Byte level. For the Book Dragon’s Lair Pages Read challenge, this 310 pgs puts me at a total of 2,060 pgs toward 12k pgs on the Bonsai level. For My Reader’s Block Color Coded challenge this cover color is Brown and is 5 of 9 completed. This is not a re-read, so for Read It Again, Sam I’m still at 1 of 4 at the Déjà vu level. For My Reader’s Block Mount To Be Read (TBR) this was in my tbr pile for a few months (I bought it toward the end of 2016) so I’m at 3 of 12 for the Pike’s Peak level, and Rock My TBR challenge 3 of 12 too. For the Diverse Reads challenge (here and here) I didn’t really see this book qualifying as a diverse read, but it is written by a woman, if we’re counting that. For The Book Date Full House challenge I marked this book for Attractive Cover. For The Book Date Read the Books You Buy challenge this is my first book! I bought a total of 4 books on that trip so this is 1 of 4 or 25% for a “Making Inroads” status. For the Whatever I Think Of Memoir Bingo challenge it doesn’t count because it is not a memoir (I’m doing really badly on this one! I need to hurry up and pick something!). For The Worm Hole’s What’s In A Name challenge, it doesn’t fit any categories (I’m having a hard time with this one) so I’m still at 2 of 6 completed. Below are the hashtags of the challenges that had them.


I hope your March is totally kickass. Keep on reading and keep on writing, no matter what.


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