Small Favor by Jim Butcher

Small Favor by Jim Butcher, book 10 in the Harry Dresden Files series (Butcher says it’s “just a small favor” that is being asked, but I think it’s small because Ivy is a kid. Get it? Small?)

Okay, one of the things that I truly, madly, deeply (sorry not sorry) love about Butcher’s book-writing style is that he includes a lot of information and summary to mull over between now and the next book AFTER the pinnacle of action that the story surrounds. In writing classes in college, we were often told to end the story sooner than we thought we should (sooner than we had in the first drafts). I guess the sentiment is that most people overwrite the ending instead of just letting it be…enough. But sometimes that really irks me, because sometimes the ending isn’t enough, and the readers deserve more, doggone it!!! Okay, that’s my soapbox. Just wanted to say I think Butcher does a superior job of Resolution that actually resolves stuff!

Remember this one, yall
Remember this one, y’all? Borrowed from materials.

Now on to the actual story content. This volume features Ivy, aka The Archive, who is one of my favorite characters. The archetype of the lovable, weird genius girl kid is pretty common, but that doesn’t mean it can’t continue to be done well (Claudia from Interview with a Vampire, River from Firefly/Serenity, Tiny Tina from Borderlands, to name a few). Other characters like Queen Mab of the Winter Court, mob boss gentleman Johnny Marcone, and Luccio captain of the wardens, are also in the book. But, yanno, aren’t my favorite. (Heh heh heh). The main enemies of the novel are the Denarians—otherwise known as Nickleheads, a super-powerful group of evil demon-human symbiotes—headed up by the terrifyingly powerful Nicodemus. And of course since the demons are there, so too are the demon hunters, Big Ole Heart-a-gold Daddy Carpenter and unexplainedly black Russia, Sanya. And all through this bunch are sprinkled some surprisingly scary goat monsters, too! Called Gruffs. Who knew. Is it weird to anybody else that we have no Gog to go with our Magog? Pondersome…


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